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a bit of backstory for noemi, because i was bored between classes and i wanted to flesh her out a little more.
warnings—language and domestic abuse. (and heavy usage of google translate to aid me in some dialogue haAHAH……….)
also my writing is terrible and i apologize in advance omfg. this is all over the place jesus christ aNYWAY…..

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hi this is my girlfiend’s writing she’s really really quality 

this is about her tf2 character noemi so if you happen to be in the tf2 fandom, give it a look maybe? ;v; im just really impressed with her so

humble post

i saw some ponies today on the ride home

do you like ponies too

i bought this kei style dress for $10 at dollar general! 

cuteeee! looks very comfortable! and i love the heart lace, very nice touch!!

i bought this kei style dress for $10 at dollar general! 

cuteeee! looks very comfortable! and i love the heart lace, very nice touch!!

Anonymous said: So, do you have any tips on how one would achieve the look of fairy lolita with a simple solid baby blue and white lolita dress?

I’d ask lolita-tips. Lolita seems to have a LOT more rules than fairy kei does (and honestly, it’s part of what scared me away from investing in it). 

Fairy kei is defined, more than anything, by its similarity to 80s fashion— to combine lolita and fairy kei, I’d recommend looking for things like pastel blue and white scrunchies, legwarmers— anything with clouds on them would be a great addition! 

But again, though— actually putting outfits together isn’t my forte at all. D; Take my advice with a grain of salt, but good luck to you!

Thank you!

Hello! I would just love to say that you are so awesome for having this tumblr!! I’ve gone through doing slight decora style here and there, to wanting to do lolita but not having enough money, and finally I’ve decided on the happy medium of fairy kei or deco loli. This blog will be so helpful for me because I, like you, wear “normal” clothing as well a lot of the time and I don’t want to give up every other style I like to wear for just one or two. 

Again, thank you! This is great because you really have everything down that I would have questions for like colors, what to buy, how to buy, DIY, etc for someone who’s living in the US and doesn’t want to buy everything imported from Japan (which breaks my wallet) ^_^

Thank you so much! I haven’t been out shopping lately for fairy kei stuff; school is coming up, and I think I’m going to change into a sort of dolly kei/business casual  (think dolly kei librarian?) style to stay at least kinda sharp! There’s a good tip (maybe) for people like you who want to stay casual— find a way to combine your favorite styles into your normal wardrobe! It’s cool to be inspired by stuff ♥

fashion styles that you *don’t* like

we’re all so nice and accepting here but don’t lie there are some japanese fashion styles that you just plain don’t care for

for me it’s kigurumi and cult party kei… kigurumi looks lazy to me and the general look of cult party kei is too unfocused and messy, there’s no general ‘idea’ i get from it other than loose light colored clothing (though i do really love dolly kei) 

reblogs are loved!! i want to hear opinions :)

(need to think about it? here’s a blog post with lots of fashion styles to explore:

what are some japanese fashion styles that you don’t like?

introducing my mom to lolita and fairy kei

not that lolita

i like stuff like this but not that overdone

well yeah a lot of it looks like things a little girl would wear but i like the more casual stuff

im not going to get hit on by pedophiles

i just like the colors and prints pastels and victorian things are pretty

bodyline is actually really cheap i know its from japan

so i cant buy it? i have the money right here

i cant?


for all the lolis and people with ‘weird’ fashion styles going through a rough or unsure period 

here’s a video of the fashion/makeover show ‘what not to wear’ being absolutely awful to a lolita to make you upset about how horrible people can be and maybe make you feel more comfortable with who you are in retrospect 

yes i know this video is old and there’s plenty of controversy (like over how the girl was rude back or how she didn’t coordinate well/was a new lolita but should’ve known better) but i just saw this video for the first time today, and i know i’m not the only one who hasn’t seen it before, so i thought i’d share it 

in case you’re about to scroll past this or are on the fence about bothering to watch it: they laugh in her face for wanting to dress modestly and call her a hypocrite for wearing lolita

oh and they call her a ‘kinky bitch’ at one point too so there’s that

enjoy getting mad :)

ghettofairykei goes to the mall

  • me: haha oh shit i haven't been to the mall in years, i wonder what kind of cool kawaii stuff they've got let's take a look around
  • wow you guys all look alike i hope i don't stand out too much in this teddy bear skirt and lace vest
  • haha and all the clothes look pretty similar too, i guess i'll go to another store, i'm sure they have something cute
  • wasn't i just in this store?
  • everything is bold ghetto prints
  • that purse is shaped like a pair of crusty realistic lips
  • i don't want to get my 'hurr did' ms saleslady thank you
  • no i dont want a free massage sample thanks
  • its really hot here
  • i want to go home
  • this is uncomfortable
  • hey lolis and fairy kei girls
  • learn to sew please
  • especially you lolitas
  • please don't spend a ton of money on expensive dresses from japan and also please don't rely on mainstream stores to stock lolita and fairy kei clothing-- for one thing, in this economy you guys should be saving your money more than ever, and for another thing stores don't cater to us, they cater to the public, and you cuties are in the minority
  • i'm only a lolita casually but i sew my own skirts and accessories and it's saved me a fortune
  • once you get over the scariness of 'omg ive never done this before shit' and learn how the sewing machine works and do a little research when you're confused
  • you can do anything
  • sorry for the long post! just thought i'd share that.
a big shoutout to team kawaii (that’s you guys)

a big shoutout to team kawaii (that’s you guys)